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Catalog Number: R113     3ply 330 1/4 x 1/16

  This belt is compounded to provide excellent abrasion resistance and flex life. High-strength synthetic fabrics provide minimum stretch, full resistance to mildew and rot, greatest fastener holding ability, impact resistance, and highest adhesion between the plies. Works well for mining, sand and gravel, rock, lumber, and general industrial and package handling applications.
Material: SBR (Rubber)
Top Cover: Smooth
Bottom Cover: Smooth
# Plies: 3
Carcass: Polyester
Color: Black
Working Tension: 330 lbs/in
Top Cover Thickness: 0.25 in
Bottom Cover Thickness: 0.063 in
Total Thickness: 0.5 in
Weight (Approx): 3 lbs/Sq Ft
Min. Pulley Head: 18 in
Min. Pulley Tail: 12 in
Temperature Range: -25 to 225 F
Support: Troughing/Roller
Friction Coefficient:
Knife Edge: No
Lateral Stability: No
Oil/Fat Resistant: No
FDA Approved: No
USDA Approved: No
Recommended Fastener: 190 Plate Fasteners Flexco
Recommended Splice: Bias Step
Alternate Fasteners: R6 Rivet Fastener Flexco
R5-1/2 Rivet Fastener Flexco
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