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Catalog Number: F204     White RMV 150 Cover x FB

  This FDA/USDA compliant belt is a high performance, economical alternative to lightweight rubber belts in nut and seed sorting, meat and poultry, vegetable and fruit processing, or any other industry requiring a highly oil resistant conveyor belt. High-quality RMV compound is easy to clean, more stain resistant than conventional belts and provides excellent oil and chemical resistance. Superior fabrication qualities make this premium belt a great choice for a wide variety of applications.
Material: RMV
Top Cover: Smooth
Bottom Cover: Friction
# Plies: 2
Carcass: Polyester
Color: White
Working Tension: 150 lbs/in, 26.3 N/mm
Top Cover Thickness:
Bottom Cover Thickness:
Total Thickness: 0.135 in, 3.4 mm
Weight (Approx): 0.85 lbs/Sq Ft, 4.1 kgs/m²
Min. Pulley Head: 2.5 in, 64 mm
Min. Pulley Tail: 2.5 in, 64 mm
Temperature Range: 20 to 180 F, -7 to 82 C
Friction Coefficient: 0.3
Knife Edge: No
Lateral Stability: No
Oil/Fat Resistant: Yes
FDA Approved: Yes
USDA Approved: Yes
Recommended Fastener: RS125 Flexco
Recommended Splice: Double Finger
Alternate Fasteners: U2 Clipper
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