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Catalog Number: F212     F 10/Z

  The Inverted Pyramid top cover profile increases grip on product, excellent for slight inclines/declines. Commonly used in food and package handling industries it offers a low coefficient of friction bottom cover while providing a high grip surface to pull the product.
Material: PVC
Top Cover: Inverted Pyramid
Bottom Cover: Bare Back
# Plies: 2
Carcass: Polyester
Color: White
Working Tension: 8 N/mm
Top Cover Thickness: 0.5 mm
Bottom Cover Thickness: 0 mm
Total Thickness: 2 mm
Weight (Approx): 2.4 kgs/m²
Min. Pulley Head: 1.18 in, 30 mm
Min. Pulley Tail: 1.18 in, 30 mm
Temperature Range: -5 to 80 C
Support: Slider Bed
Friction Coefficient:
Knife Edge: No
Lateral Stability: Yes
Oil/Fat Resistant: No
FDA Approved: Yes
USDA Approved: No
Recommended Fastener: RS62 Flexco
Recommended Splice: Double Finger
Alternate Fasteners: UCM36
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